What do pupils and parents think of Holland International School? Read here about their experiences:

Gijs Schmitz, former student Holland International School, group 8, 12 years in 2023

'I really liked that we can play a lot outside at Holland International School. Playing football in the school yard. We often did group 8 against the other groups.

HIS is a small school so you know almost everyone and everyone knows your name.

You make new friends quickly and the beautiful green surroundings and the large schoolyard make it a nice place in Singapore. I am now in 8th grade and will be attending GESS next year. Several children from my class go to this international secondary school and I like that.'


Emma Grant, former student HIS, Grade 7, 11 years in 2023

I really like the teachers at Holland International School because they are very nice and if you don't understand something they will explain it again until you really know it. For example, in maths, I didn't understand a sum, and the teacher explained it to me very well.

This school has a super good learning system and at the end of the day you really learned a lot. I will go to the UWCSEA because my brother is also in this international high school.


Bagas Tjahjowidodo, pupil at Holland International School since group 2

What Bagas likes best about Holland International School is that everyone is always very friendly to each other. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, everyone is nice to each other. 

Holland International School has a wide range of after-school activities and Bagas has already participated in several of them. The annual Sinterklaas celebrations are a highlight for him.

‘This year, I was part of the Bukit Tinggi Friendship Day, where I got to know pupils from different schools in the area better’.

‘I think that IPC is unique to Holland International School. Other schools do not have this. I love the variety of themes at IPC, as well as the way of working. I have just tried to make an art work in the impressionist style, and I learnt to paint the play of light and include it in my work’.

‘I will be making the switch to international education in a few months. I will really miss my teachers. They have helped me to stand up more for my own opinion, something I am very proud of’.

Stefanie Mulder, left Holland International School in group 8 in school year 2010-2011. 

When we ask Stefanie what she remembers most about Holland International School she says;

‘I mostly remember the IPC projects and camps. At IPC you learn subjects that you will encounter later at the international (secondary) school. Thanks to the camps I attended at Tioman and Bintan I have seen a lot of the local environment. I also loved being in a musical at the end of class 8’.

Stefanie learned to plan her homework efficiently at Holland International School, and this has proven to be very useful at secondary school.

‘Thanks to Holland International School, the standard of my Dutch improved, and being taught maths in English gave me a good preparation for international education’.

‘I see Holland International School as a good mix of Dutch education and culture in an international environment’.

Henneke Brink, parent and board member of Holland International School

As the mother of two daughters and a board member, Henneke Brink is closely connected to Holland International School. She told us of the impact of moving abroad on her children and the role of our school.

‘Our daughters, who were five and seven at the time, were not at all pleased about moving to Singapore. They came round a bit after seeing the beautiful tropical environment, but what really made the difference was starting at Holland International School. They felt at home and completely able to be themselves from the very first day. I think that this may be the most special thing of all about Holland International School: children can be themselves and grow in the way that suits them best. Children who need extra attention or support are given it  ̶  but so are children who need an extra challenge. Everyone is seen’.