Happy parents testimonials

Sharing experiences via surveys and reviews

The voice of parents counts and there's an ongoing dialogue about what goes well and how we can improve to raise the level of satisfaction. We monitor this with an annual survey under parents of current students and there's another survey for parents of former students to monitor best practices for a smooth transition to Dutch or International education. Holland International School is confident to say that we're proud of the excellent scores that we get as outcome of these surveys, yet we're always striving to develop our service levels and educational quality to remain the best choice for both parents and children.  


The latest annual satisfaction survey of 2021 showed a score of 8.29 for the overall satisfaction level. That is 0.64 above the average 7.65 in comparisation with other schools.
Our school scores well when it comes to:
- Atmosphere in the classroom' (Better than 99%)
- Relationship of the children with each other' (Better than 99%)
- Hygiene and cleanliness in the school' (Better than 97%)The most important

Our school could pay more attention to:
- Attention to trips and excursions'.
- Assistance in the event of a teacher's absence
- Attention to creative subjects'.

The full report in Dutch can be reviewed here

Happy parents testimonials

Karen Smits and Adolfo Vazquez, Dutch and Mexican; Lucas (5) and Vera (2)

"Lucas started at Holland International School’s preschool soon after we arrived in Singapore from Sydney in October 2020. He was around three and a half years old and took the school bus as if that was the most normal thing to do. Lucas integrated very quickly with the help of two teachers – one speaking English, the other in Dutch – and fun friends. When he turned four, he moved into Group 1 in the “big school” where he felt at home right away.

Due to COVID restrictions, we never visited the school, but Lucas is always very content. The communication with the teachers has been good so we fully trust this is the best learning environment for our child. Many of the teachers have a long track record at the school, showing that Holland International School has a great work environment; this allows teachers to bring out the best in our children.

Holland International School stands out for its philosophy of learning through play and developing social skills in a cosy, small school environment. This allows children ample time for other activities such as sports, playdates and to do nothing, which sparks creativity. The exception is reading – children are encouraged to bring new books home from the school library every week.

The International Stream is a big plus for our family. We may never send our kids to a primary school in the Netherlands but we want them to learn the Dutch way. Vera will soon start preschool, especially now that there are sleeping facilities and a mix of full days and half days available for the youngest children.

The school may have “Holland” in its name but it’s not for Dutch families only. The international community is very supportive, active and engaged; parents easily find each other and build relationships that go beyond the school."

Interview published by ExpatLiving in March 2022.