Our ambition

Holland International School in Singapore strives to be an excellent school with the Dutch or the English National Curriculum delivered within the framework of IPC. Children’s learning process comes first and foremost. At our school your child will learn optimally while developing socially and emotionally.

A school where learning is fun

Holland International School lives and breathes openness, respect and enthusiasm. It is a place where learning is fun. We provide a safe environment where the focus on individual attention brings out the best in every child.

Education at Holland International School is characterized by a strong Dutch or English curriculum (language & maths), with bilingual lessons and an International Primary Curriculum (IPC) – this means that inspiring learning with interesting themes takes priority.

Modern education

Holland International School works continuously on educational innovation. In the past few years we have invested in new methods, developing concepts like cooperative learning and the International Primary Curriculum, in addition to IT skills, computers and Smart Boards.


Do what works!

All investments and improvements are inspired by our vision: ‘Holland International School in Singapore provides an excellent learning experience and optimal transition to both Dutch and international education’.

We continuously search for opportunities to improve the teaching of all subjects and to do what is best for our pupils. When making any choice, the effects of daily educational practice are always given priority.