HIS being a Language Friendly School 

with Dutch and English as our core languages 

With students of over 20 different nationalities there are multiple languages spoken in our community. Therefore has language development a strong focus in our curriculum. Dutch and English are both integrated in the daily curriculum for developing these languages at an intense level. Being able to communicate with others empowers our students to build strong relationships, collaborate effectively and ensures a sense of belonging. This grows our students into confident multilingual learners; opening future possibilities as well as connecting students to their cultural roots.

  • English, Dutch, French and Chinese (Mandarin) are offered from beginner to mother tongue level, integrated or after school.
  • Personalised language support programmes to help students master English or Dutch.
  • A Multilingualism workgroup ensures that our language programmes meet the needs of our community.

Learning Dutch

In the Dutch Stream classes are conducted in Dutch and we follow the Dutch national curriculum for reading, writing and maths. The Dutch Stream preserves your child's mother tongue and provides the best connection to Dutch education when moving (back) to the Netherlands or Belgium. 

In the English Stream is Dutch offered as an additional language. By teaching the Dutch language programme (writing, reading and speaking) on a daily basis, the Dutch language can be developed at an intensive level and a connection to both international and Dutch education remains possible. 

English language

Developing a high level of English is important for everyone. In the Dutch Stream we integrate an English language programme tought by Native English speakers in the daily curriculum. 

In the English Stream classes are conducted in English and the English National Curriculum is followed for reading, writing and maths. 

Preserving a child’s mother tongue

Research shows that keeping up one’s native language has several positive cognitive effects on developing multilingualism. Learning a new language is easier for children who already have a well-developed first language. Our Dutch primary school helps to develop the Dutch language of your children. Therefore, they will be at the same level as children who follow their education in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Better results

Multilingual children have a more conscious and subconscious knowledge of language. Skills such as problem-solving abilities, creativity and adaptability also increase in children who learn more than one language. These are valuable 21st century skills which are useful in today’s society. Having a thorough mastery of their native language makes a vital contribution to your child’s development and also leads to better school results.