Parent Testimonials

Nadège van de Moosdijk, parent and volunteer at Holland International School

“What an amazing time our children have at Holland International School! Every morning they can’t wait to get on the school bus to go to school. The school not only provides excellent education at one of the most beautiful spots in Singapore, it also is a warm and welcoming community for the whole family.” 

Henneke Brink, parent and former board member of Holland International School

"Our daughters, who were five and seven at the time, were not at all pleased about moving to Singapore. They came round a bit after seeing the beautiful tropical environment, but what really made the difference was starting at Holland International School. They felt at home and completely able to be themselves from the very first day. I think that this may be the most special thing of all about Holland International School: children can be themselves and grow in the way that suits them best. Children who need extra attention or support are given it  ̶  but so are children who need an extra challenge. Everyone is seen."

Nur Yusoff - Smits, parent at Holland International School 

“Holland International School has provided the optimal learning environment for both our children. The teaching staff makes a very good effort to understand our children well. This has motivated them to learn enthusiastically. It is a beautiful school in a g reen oasis where there is a lot of space for children to learn and explore. We see our children happy an d growing confidently at the school.” 


Student Testimonials

Gijs Schmitz, former student Holland International School, group 8, 12 years in 2023

'I really liked that we can play a lot outside at Holland International School. Playing football in the school yard. We often did group 8 against the other groups.

HIS is a small school so you know almost everyone and everyone knows your name.

You make new friends quickly and the beautiful green surroundings and the large schoolyard make it a nice place in Singapore.'

Emma Grant, former student HIS, Grade 7, 11 years in 2023

I really like the teachers at Holland International School because they are very nice and if you don't understand something they will explain it again until you really know it. For example, in maths, I didn't understand a sum, and the teacher explained it to me very well. This school has a super good learning system and at the end of the day you really learned a lot. 

Stefanie Mulder, left Holland International School in group 8 in school year 2010-2011. 

‘I mostly remember the IPC projects and camps. At IPC you learn subjects that you will encounter later at the international (secondary) school. Thanks to the camps I attended at Tioman and Bintan I have seen a lot of the local environment. I also loved being in a musical at the end of class 8’.

‘Thanks to Holland International School, the standard of my Dutch improved, and being taught maths in English gave me a good preparation for international education’.

‘I see Holland International School as a good mix of Dutch education and culture in an international environment’.