English education

With a Dutch language programme

Within the English Stream, the language of instruction is English for both the English National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Dutch is offered as an additional language. However, by teaching the Dutch language programme (writing, reading and speaking) on a daily basis, the Dutch language can be developed at an intensive level and a connection to both international and Dutch education remains possible. 

The English Stream
The English Stream of Holland International School in Singapore provides excellent education according to the English National Curriculum standards and criteria, and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC); this enables us to teach subjects in a thematic way, with a global perspective. By integrating IPC and a Dutch language programme into the daily curriculum, we create a mirrored learning experience to the Dutch Stream in our primary school. For families who have no immediate plans to move to the Netherlands or Belgium, and/or for families with multiple nationalities and languages in the same family, we recommend the English Stream for a good connection to international further education, whilst still retaining the Dutch language to a high standard.

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What to expect

✓ English curriculum certified native English teachers and Teacher Assistants

✓ Highly-qualified native Dutch teachers for delivering the daily Dutch language classes

✓ Language and learning support (when this is indicated) 

✓ Child-led learning approach

✓ A welcoming and caring learning community  

Intensive and qualitative Dutch language lessons
The intensive and qualitative Dutch language programme in the English Stream helps to develop your children's Dutch language. With the knowledge and experience of 100 years of Dutch education in Singapore, we expect to bring the children in the English Stream to a level of proficiency in the Dutch language that will enable them to enter Dutch education. However, it is also important that parents pay attention to the Dutch language at home and practise it actively as much as possible. As a supplement, extra Dutch language lessons can be booked at an additional cost as part of the Extra Curricular Activities.

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