English Stream

Preparing your child for global citizenship

Our English Stream is based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and follows the English National Curriculum for Reading, Writing & Mathematics. Everyday, Dutch is taught as a Second Language. Our highly engaged and competent staff are commited to providing a rich international learning environment where children learn in a playful yet structured manner.    

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) enables us to teach subjects in a thematic way, and make cross-references between subjects, with a global perspective. By integrating IPC and a Dutch language programme into the daily curriculum, we have created a mirrored learning experience to the Dutch Stream in our primary school.

What to expect

✓ Play-based learning approach

✓ Smaller class sizes

✓ Child-centred, differentiated learning 

✓ Warm and welcoming environment 

Learn more about the English National Curriculum

For who? 

Families who have no immediate plans to move to the Netherlands or Belgium, and/or families with multiple nationalities and languages in the same family, we recommend the English Stream for a smooth transition to further international education while also maintain a high level of the Dutch language.

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