Our Holistic Approach

A unique way of learning!

At Holland International School, our pupils’ learning process occupies a central position. Holland International School offers children an excellent education, a rich learning environment and a unique and personal learning experience.

As an organization, Holland International School aims to develop on a continuous basis. The content and organization of our education, the resources we use, the professionalism of our team, the way in which our building is arranged, are constantly reviewed to help us find improvements that will enable our pupils to develop even better.

Our vision on education

Our vision on education is based on a Dutch-rooted approach to education and how children learn best: 

“In shared ownership, cooperative learning takes place continuously in a playful and rich learning environment to prepare for a global modern day society.”

The team of educators aims to help children in their learning, to make sure that they enjoy learning and to equip them with skills for life. 

Holland International School stands for:

Inspiring Teachers.

Passionate Learners.

Skills for Life.

What does the Dutch Way of teaching and learning look like?

Our Dutch-rooted approach to education is distinctly different from many of the other schools in Singapore. Co-ownership, equality and independent thinking is integral to everything we do at Holland International School. Our students learn in a playful, cooperative, yet structured way and they are taken seriously by giving them a voice. They learn by doing, they get ownership of their learning goals and they don’t get stacked with homework. Holland International School provides a safe and fun learning environment, with tailored education and an open-minded culture in which children can be who they are.