Cooperative Learning 

Learning together by working together

‘Learning together by working together’ is the Cooperative Learning motto. When children work within a group, they participate in a joint task on an equal footing and share responsibility for what they learn together. Cooperative Learning places great emphasis on working together in a playful, yet structured and purposeful manner. In addition, Cooperative Learning promotes the development of social skills and helps to create a positive atmosphere within a group.

'Structural Cooperative Learning' (SCL) has been introduced at Holland International School as a means of teaching our pupils to work together in a structural way. SCL was developed by Dr. Spencer Kagan. The SCL concept offers a powerful and structured form of collaboration, which fits seamlessly with the vision of Holland International School. Therefore SCL forms an important pillar of our education and underlines many of our school's core values, such as collaboration, equality and co-ownership. 

A schoolwide approach

The use of SCL is deployed at various times during the daily programme. All teachers (including Preschool teachers, group teachers and subject teachers) at Holland International School use these structures of 'Structural Cooperative Learning' and 'cooperative classroom management', so that there is recognition for our students. 

Classroom management

SCL has brought structure to classroom management at Holland International School. In class, the children work in a fixed team for 6 to 8 weeks: the so-called 'home team'. This team forms, as it were, "the home base" for children. In this home team the children work together in pairs, with the team or individually. To stimulate the will to work together, the teacher uses team and class builders. These are separate activities with the team or class that improve and keep good relations between children. Students also have a different role on the team each week (e.g., team captain or timekeeper).

To create learning experiences, we use SCL structures (work forms for working together in a structured way). SCL structures ensure each child's equal and active participation in the learning process.