Open yet close-knit community

Moving to Singapore represents an enormous change for both you and your child. Richelle Verheijen and her family recently took this step. We asked her to share her experiences with you.

What was it like for your children starting at Holland International School?

Because our children were already 9 and 10 when they started Holland International School, we were a little worried that they would not be able to settle in quickly. You have already built friendships by that age, and it is difficult to say goodbye to them without knowing what you are going to get in their place. But the special thing about Holland International School is that all its pupils are used to newcomers. They often also know what it is like to arrive at a new school in a new country. Our children received a warm welcome, and after three weeks it felt as if we had been living here for years!

How smooth was the transition to Holland International School from education in the Netherlands?

Our children attended a Dalton school in the Netherlands, where they worked according to a weekly plan. It is different here; lessons are taught in a more traditional classroom setting, and the IPC system is also new to us. But Pien and Mees really enjoy working on diverse learning goals by exploring different themes, many of which are contemporary. The language scheme used at Holland International School happens to be the same as the one used at their school in the Netherlands, which is great for both girls.

How was starting at Holland International School for you as a parent?

We were made to feel very welcome, and we also felt at home almost straight away thanks to the professional teaching staff, the parents and the school’s open approach. Holland International School is one of the reasons we are so happy that we made the move to Singapore!