A safe and rich learning environment


At Holland International School, a good atmosphere and optimal educational achievements go hand in hand. Our aim is for pupils to learn well, develop optimally and enjoy going to school, and to this end we provide a child-friendly, safe and orderly environment in which children are encouraged to work purposefully and cooperate with each other. We distinguish us from other International Schools by our open-minded and stress-free school culture and our unique approach to how children learn best.  

Rules of conduct

To guarantee a safe environment, we have drawn up the following rules of conduct to promote desirable behaviour:

  • I am responsible for the world around me and for others 

  • School is a peaceful and safe place

  • I am careful with my own belongings and those of other people

  • I treat other people as I want to be treated myself.

These rules of conduct are discussed with the pupils during special lessons and are on a poster that is hung in all classrooms. The rules are put into practice in the form of class rules. The rule ‘I am responsible for the world around me and for others’ means, for example, that we help each other, are friendly to other people, and that we always solve conflicts with words.


Anti-bullying protocol

Unfortunately, bullying can occur in any school. At Holland International School we take this problem extremely seriously and discuss it with the children. We have a robust anti-bullying protocol that gives children, teachers and parents a good overview of how bullying is dealt with.

Following this protocol creates a collaboration between all the parties involved: the teacher, the child doing the bullying and the child being bullied, their classmates and their parents.

This form of cooperation is also called the ‘five track approach’. Taking immediate action against bullying sends a clear signal to pupils that bullying at school will not be tolerated. This also encourages pupils to think of school as a safe place.