Happy and confident learners

Skilled for life

It can be difficult to choose the right primary school in Singapore for your child, especially if you have not been living in Singapore for long. The choice of available schools is extensive, but there are a lot of differences between primary schools. Schools vary with regard to their teaching methods, educational vision and atmosphere. At Holland International School (former Hollandse School) we distinguish us from other International Schools by our open-minded and stress-free school culture and our unique approach to how children learn best.   

Holland International School provides excellent primary school education in the Dutch and English language. With attention to individual learning needs in a safe and tight-knit community, where your child will soon feel at home.

The Dutch-rooted approach to education forms a core element of the school’s identity; it lives and breathes a culture of equality, cooperation and independent thinking. Our students learn in an inquiry-based yet structured way. They are given ownership of their learning which allows them to set their own goals and pursue areas of personal interest. At the same time, they are encouraged to be social learners who are global-minded. Students at the Holland International School are not overloaded with homework, which allows them free time to enjoy social activities, sports or to simply relax! We believe this is an essential part of a happy childhood that sparks creativity and a love for learning. 

Our heritage

Holland International School is an established name in Singapore and beyond. As the largest Dutch language IPC (International Primary Curriculum) school we have been providing excellent Dutch education for over a hundred years. 

Our future

Holland International School offers a choice between two learning streams:

  • The Dutch Stream that follows the Dutch national curriculum with an English language program

  • The English Stream that teaches the English national curriculum with a Dutch language programme

A mirrored learning experience

Both streams provide education based on the three pillars, that we believe to be essential for preparing your child to make an impact in the future world:

By integrating them into both curricula we create a similar learning experience for all the children at Holland International School. It also enables interaction and exchange between the Dutch Stream and the English Stream. 

Primary school with a close community

Both parents and children experience our school in Singapore as being open, small-scale and well-organised. Our international primary school is a safe and trusted place for your children. Each group has its own permanent teacher and everyone knows each other. We are a close-knit community. This does not only help your child to integrate quickly, it also helps you as parents integrate to Singapore. Our school helps Singapore expats feel at home in their new country.

Individual attention

Holland International School’s experienced team provides a thorough education, adapted to meet individual needs and will help your child to fulfil their potential. We pay attention to the different learning needs and talents of each of our pupils, both in the group and during lessons.

If you are interested in our primary school in Singapore, you are very welcome to come for a visit. It is all about the wellbeing of your child (or children) so they are more than welcome to join the visit along with you. We would be pleased to show you around our Singapore elementary school to tell you more about the education we provide and how we can help your child to feel at home quickly.