At Holland International School, we work with a team of experienced, enthusiastic and ambitious teachers, who turn each day into an exciting learning experience. We believe in our pupils and provide a safe space where they can feel at home and achieve great results. All the teachers are qualified to educate the Dutch or the British curriculum and they bring a wealth of experience into the school. Moreover they are caring, passionate, inspiring and open-minded.

They would like to introduce themselves to you.

Team Preschool

Ginny Leo

Teacher Playgroup

Angelin Sheelia

Teacher Nursery A

Cecile Blenkers

Teacher Nursery A

Jacolien Stubbe

Teacher Nursery A

Neena Bhandari

Teacher Nursery B

Karin van den Boom

Preschool teacher

Norain Adam

Teaching Assistant Preschool

Jacolien Stubbe

Leerkracht Nursery B

Team Primary School

Hilde Krol

Teacher Transition Group

Francine Tay

Teacher Transition Group

Véronique Schoon

Teacher group 1/2 A

Silvana Melville

Teacher group 1/2 B

Renske Smink

Teacher group 3A

Marlou Brosens

Teacher group 3A

Cheyenne van der Louw

Teacher group 3B

Astrid Schrijver

Teacher group 4A

Saskia Huntjens

Teacher group 4A & Year 1/Year 2

Merel Linzell

Teacher group 4B

Sjoerd van Dijk

Teacher group 5A

Walter Thunnissen

Teacher group 5B

Charlotte Timmermans

Teacher group 5B

Marije Weenink

Teacher group 6

Jolinda Groothedde

IPC Coordinator & Teacher group 6/7

Nanou Hartlieb

Teacher group 6/7

Renske Vlug

Teacher group 7

Ahu Agirman

Teacher group 7 and group 8

Jaap van Olst

Teacher group 8

Subject Teachers

Hennie Schipper

Dutch Language Teacher

Stephen Meyer

Head of English Department

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Amelia Yeo

English Teacher

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Harvind Kaur

English Teacher

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Ashley Christudason

English Teacher

Shahnaz Slater

English Teacher

Sri Puteri Latiff

English Teaching Assistant

Antony Lewis

Physical Education Teacher

Sandra Witthoff

Music Teacher