What to expect of school life?


Starting a new primary school can be rather daunting for a child, and sometimes for their parents as well. This is even more the case if this new step is accompanied by a move to Singapore. In our experience, children integrate quickly into our school. There is no language barrier with English and Dutch as the two main languages in our school, the educational system feels familiar, and we ensure that children are warmly welcomed into the school community.

Bilingual preschool for half or full days

When your child is between 18 months and 4 years old, they can attend our Preschool. The Preschool has three groups, each with a maximum of eighteen toddlers per day. Children can come to the Preschool for half a day (until half past twelve) or they can stay a full day (until half past two) and sleeping facilities are available for toddlers who need a nap to reenergise. 

Each group is supervised by one English-speaking and one Dutch-speaking teacher. As a result, your child will come into contact with both the Dutch and the English language. In addition, two assistants are present in the group to help with child care (changing nappies and supervising mealtimes) and they take on cleaning tasks. 

At Preschool, the emphasis is on 'learning through play' around interesting IPC themes that fit in with your child's world of experience. We use a continuous learning line to both the Dutch and the International learning line. 

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Transition to group 1 in the Dutch Stream

When your child turns four and goes to primary school for the first time, it can start in group 1. The teacher will agree with you on several trial mornings so that the transition will be gradual. From the 4th birthday onwards, your son or daughter can really go to primary school!

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Lateral entry into the Dutch Stream

Moving from the Netherlands to a distant country, living in a metropolis and finding your feet in a new school can be drastic and overwhelming for your son or daughter. At Holland International School we do everything possible to make your child feel at home quickly. We invite your family to drop by, sample the atmosphere and meet the teacher of your child's group. This makes the first day of school a lot less daunting.

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