Dutch primary school with English as a second language

Dutch education is very important to us, but so is teaching your child English as a second language. We employ specialist teachers with a wealth of experience and skills to give your child English lessons of the highest quality.  

Lower Primary

English is taught in groups in classes 1 and 2. Lessons are oral and explore different topics. This allows children to develop listening skills and a large English vocabulary. We also pay special attention to developing social skills in English. Working in a group on the basis of mutual respect occupies a central position.

Middle primary

Children learn to write in English from group 3 onwards. We use the Jolly Phonics programme and Oxford Reading Tree. In group 4 and 5 children learn to formulate more accurately, receive lessons in English spelling and improve their reading comprehension skills. In this phase, your child will be encouraged to develop their reading skills. In group 6, children learn English grammar, with a continuing focus on improving their reading and writing competences.

Upper primary

The class 6 level is developed further in classes 7 and 8. In these classes, your child will work on more extended written assignments and on projects that require a more complete use and knowledge of the English language. Your child will receive comprehensive grammar and vocabulary lessons, based on a thorough study of the structure of the English language.

What if your child has already started primary school somewhere else?

We provide extra support for children in classes 3 – 7 who have just arrived in Singapore and have little or no knowledge of English. These children receive extra lessons in smaller groups. As soon as they have acquired a sufficient grasp of English, they will be taught with the regular class.

We also use a differentiated approach to teaching English, as we provide your child with education and support that is adapted to their particular needs.

We recommend that if possible your child takes a few English lessons before moving to Singapore to give them some basic knowledge. This will make the transition to living in Singapore easier for them.