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Lower Primary Curriculum - Years 1 and 2

In August 2023, we will expand the English stream to include Year 1 for pupils aged 5 to 6 and Year 2 for pupils aged 6 to 7. This age structure follows the English education system and ensures a good connection to international education within or outside Singapore.

Our Year 1 and 2 classes will follow carefully chosen International Primary Curriculum (IPC) units that engage and excite our young students and are relevant for them as global learners.  The IPC ensures the English National Curriculum goals are met for all of the foundation subjects (History, Geography, Design and Technology, Computing, Art) as they are taught in a thematic way, rather than as unique subjects.  Science also has high priority within IPC lessons, with children being given the opportunity to further their knowledge about key topics; students will work practically by carrying out some simple tests and experiments. 

Students in the English Stream will have access to a range of children’s texts that act as a stimulus for their written work.  Grammar and Punctuation skills are also covered through the study of texts and within reading sessions.  Wherever possible, texts are chosen to fit the IPC unit or theme being studied.  At Holland International School, we have an extensive ‘Reading Spine’ that provides students access to a wide variety of texts, poems and stories throughout their primary years. Daily Phonics sessions will continue in the Lower Primary years and, as in the Reception Class, we will follow ‘Little Wandle Letters and Sounds’, which supports children with their early reading and spelling skills.    

Maths will be taught daily as a separate subject, following the White Rose programme.  The White Rose ‘Schemes of Learning’ ensure all National Curriculum goals are achieved in a practical and logical way, with children having the opportunity to explore “mastery” (extension) challenges in all areas.