English National Curriculum

What you need to know about our lower primary education

Our Reception Class is taught according to the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, with a strong emphasis on good quality phonics to support Reading and Writing and a Maths programme that consolidates the children’s understanding of early numbers.  We also follow the International Primary Curriculum units and the children have access to daily Dutch language lessons.  All teaching is carried out in a fun and practical way!  Our classroom is warm and inviting, with clear learning areas for the children to develop skills, creativity and independence, using the play-based approach they are used to.       

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
Our Reception classroom is a rich, inviting environment that encourages the children to learn and explore in a play-based manner. Students have several opportunities a day to enjoy their own initiated activities. The Reception Class are assessed at the end of the year against 17 Early Learning Goals, within 7 different areas of learning (Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Maths, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design).  These assessments are not formal and are based on the teacher’s observations and knowledge of each child’s development.  The classroom reflects these 7 areas of learning, where the children are free to explore the resources that are always available, as well as enhanced activities that are provided each week.  The enhanced activities are based around the IPC theme we are following at the time, as well as the interests of the children.  

Reading and Writing
Each day the Reception Class enjoys a lively Phonics session. The sessions teach them to confidently segment and blend words, as well as learn ‘tricky words’ which are skills they will need to become early readers and writers. We use the ‘Little Wandle Letters and Sounds’ programme, which meets the revised requirements set out in the National Curriculum for Literacy.  There is clear progression, where children learn new sounds each day and they build upon their prior knowledge. Each Phonics session gives students the chance to revisit previous sounds; learn new sounds and then apply what they have learnt in the session, often in the form of writing. The teaching of Phonics is interactive and energetic and we dedicate plenty of time to celebrate our achievements!

As well as daily Phonics sessions, the children have opportunities to mark-make and write in all areas of the classroom during their own play-based learning. Within our IPC sessions, we also focus much of our learning around high-quality children’s texts, which are often followed by guided, early writing activities. 

Our Maths teaching primarily focuses on developing a strong and deep understanding of number and other mathematical concepts, using the guidance of the ‘White Rose Maths’ programme. In line with the ethos behind the Early Years Foundation Stage, we use practical and fun methods for teaching Maths. Children progress from using manipulatives (or concrete objects) to working with pictorial methods; the final aim is that they are able to apply their learnt skills to more abstract thinking and mathematical problems. This approach develops children’s reasoning skills, which are helpful in all subject areas, and encourages a love for Maths! The children in the Reception class participate in short, teacher-led Maths lessons, alongside Maths activities that can be enjoyed within the environment as part of their play-based learning.

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Meet Ms. Ashley
My name is Ms Ashley and I am the children’s class teacher. I come with more than 15 years of English Primary School experience, both in teaching and leadership. Upon leaving the UK, I was a Deputy Headteacher of a large, successful Primary School. My Kent-based school felt very much like a family and I have felt the same warmth and sense of community since joining the Hollandse School. Since moving to Singapore with my husband and two boys, I have also gained some valuable International School experience in an Early Years setting.      

I feel very proud to be able to support our school as it enters this wonderful new stage in its development and I look forward to meeting many of you soon.

Come for a guided tour or register for the next Open Day to experience the school's atmosphere and to meet Ms. Ashley and our Principal in person.